Although lockdown restrictions are starting to be lifted, and people are able to get outdoors to run, walk and cycle. We are still unable to do many of the activities we know and love, including group exercise classes, taking part in an event or competition, or even going to a cafe for a post activity debrief.

Physical activity may be at the bottom of your priorities right now, this is to be expected however doing something, no matter how small, can boost your mental and physical health and better equip you to cope with the challenges of this unique time. We are working closely with the Public Health team at Cambridgeshire County Council to help you enjoy some of the benefits physical activity can bring.

Lockdown can be an opportunity to try something new. This is exactly what Huntingdonshire resident Mark has done, unable to train and play with his Visually Impaired football teammates at Cambridge United Community Trust he has instead taken the opportunity to give Pilates a go! Pre Covid-19 Mark was unable to travel to and access the Pilates sessions, by doing the classes live on Zoom he no longer has to worry about that barrier, and because the sessions are going to continue after Covid-19, Mark is looking forward to continuing these sessions.

If you want to give something a go, like Mark did, then why not try out some of the opportunities below. Have a question, or want to let us know how you are getting on being physically active during lockdown? Then get in touch with [email protected]

Activity Alliance have created a page on their website - Being Active at Home, the page content is themed into three sections:

  1. Support on being active at home – useful resources, guides and campaigns that offer advice and guidance
  2. Home exercises and workouts – a selection of home-based workouts and exercise routines for all ages and abilities
  3. Impairment specific advice – key information from some of our members for people with specific impairment

Irwin Mitchell, who last year sponsored our countywide Boccia competition, as well as the Jonnie Peacock award at our Sports Awards, have recruited some of their ambassadors to show us their favourite accessible exercises that anyone can do! Take a look to find out how Hannah Cockroft, Nathalie McGloin and Alfie Hewett are keeping active.

WheelPower (the National Charity for Wheelchair Sport) are providing new digital content that allows people with disabilities to ‘Stay Active’ from their homes during this difficult time. They have released five videos from Adaptive Yoga, to beginners circuits and no equipment cardio workouts that provide wide ranging benefits to disabled peoples mental and physical well being. Join in on their website here.

The Learning Disability Partnerships group within Cambridgeshire County Council have created a resource to provide support to Individuals. Within the resource pack is a collation of activity ideas and suggestions that can be implemented to create a ‘home based’ weekly routine. Under the ‘fitness / physical care’ section, the following are advocated:

British Blind Sport have a range of audio exercise programmes, covering  a wide range of activities such as Yoga, Pilates, Cardio, Bootcamp and Strength among many others. These sessions are audio led, perfect for someone with a visual impairment and are available here.

First Steps is a free British Blind Sport nationwide project aimed at children with a visual impairment aged 3 – 11, providing them with the tools they need to take their first steps towards an active life. Families can register their interest in the project by visiting .

Once registered, you will then be sent a First Steps pack for your child.  The pack includes an audible ball named ‘Jangles’, an activity booklet to teach each child different skills and activities as well as a progress poster and stickers to track their development. The project is overseen by the First Steps Officer Jane Jacobs, who will be on hand to support families and check on their progress throughout their time with the project. You can contact Jane directly by emailing  [email protected]

If you do not yet have a Jangles ball, any ball will do or you can use a balloon filled with rice, or a sock filled with tinfoil. Register for the First Steps project and you receive a free Jangles ball, then register for the First Steps project.