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Stepping Stone Supporting Disabled People into Activity

Adapted cycling

Living Sport’s Stepping Stone project has reached  their target of giving out 30 bursaries to support people to get active, with Cambridgeshire Community Foundation’s the John Steward Memorial Fund supporting for the project. Stepping Stone is now closed in the county apart from in FENLAND with funding from the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation’s Healthy Fenland Fund. There are 75 bursaries available for residents of Fenland with the aims to encourage regular sports participation for anyone with a disability or long term health need and covers the full spectrum of additional needs.

Stepping Stone can support individuals with information and advice on how to get active and link them up to sports and physical activity opportunities across the county, giving them the support they need to be able to get active. The support might just be signposting in the right direction, sourcing of appropriate activities or could include a grant of up to £50 to get someone started. So far grants have been spent on specialist clothing and equipment for sports including Goalball, Rowing, Wheelchair Racing and Wheelchair Tennis. Other recipients have used the funds to pay for initial sessions including Horse Riding, Tennis, Golf and going to the gym.

To get support from Stepping Stone if you live in Fenland all beneficiaries need to do is register for the project online here or by contacting Rebecca Evans rebecca.evans@livingsport.co.uk 01487 849929.

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