Well done, you have done 14 Daily Miles and made it to Check Point 2.

We want you to have fun and stay safe so please ensure you are following the latest guidance issued by the government when taking part. 

Check Point 2: We have reached where the Mount Mile Goats live! Can you name any other animals we might find up a mountain?

Notes: this could be specific to the UK, globally or a certain country if you have been learning about a culture/place.

Here is an activity from CHUMS to make a Worry Scale whilst you listen to some relaxing music (if you don't have a printer you can just copy the template out). 

How to make a worry scale (written instructions)

Worry scale template

Video: It’s okay to not be okay! (20 minute video about how to deal with worries and anxiety)

The video includes how to make a worry box and the worry scale (or you can just read the instructions).

Information about CHUMS

CHUMS Recreational Service http://chums.uk.com/recreational-service/ 

CHUMS Recreational Service programmes are designed to support children in a way that is fun and engaging through activities they are passionate about (i.e. music & football) with a sound psychological approach around CBT principles, a well known and evidence based psycho-social intervention. Our two programmes, ENCORE and TACTICS, target mild difficulties by providing early intervention to those at school years 3 to 6 who may be struggling with difficulties around anxiety, low-mood, low self-esteem and/or challenging behaviours.

ENCORE: therapeutic music-based early intervention

A programme delivered to groups of six children and young people, aged 7-11 years, within school as early intervention for children and young people who have mild to moderate difficulties with anxiety, low mood and self-esteem. Each programme comprises of two 1:1 sessions and four therapeutic music group sessions with each session an hour and a half. This programme will cover topics that seek to enhance resiliency, promote psycho-education and well-being.

Target: KS2; 3,4,5,6

TACTICS: therapeutic football-based early intervention

Football-based early intervention aimed at children and young people displaying challenging behaviours (mild to moderate difficulties) from Year 3 to Year 6.  The intervention cover topics such as understanding my emotions, thinking before acting, strengths and weaknesses and expressing anger in helpful ways together with examples from football and everyday life.

ONSIDE: football & fitness session drop-in 

Weekly football & fitness drop-in via Zoom video meeting platform. Within the sessions, CHUMS Recreational Therapeutic team show children and young people different fitness & football related exercises to do from home. Open to both Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire & Peterborough CHUMS clients aged 8-18.