Welcome to the Summit, 35 days!  Well done, you made it!

WE DID IT! We have reached the top of Mount Mile! Time for us to put our flag into the top. It will stay forever and anyone else taking on the challenge can see what we achieved together!

Watch this video from Paralympian, Sam Ruddock congratulating you on reaching the top!

Now that we have come to the end of our expedition, can you write a short poem (maximum 10 lines) that is all about how with a positive mental attitude, teamwork and doing things little by little, we can achieve anything we want?

Notes: submit your pupil’s/ child's poems to us by June 11th 2021 by emailing them to [email protected] and the top entries for each age group will win a small gift package. The age groups are:

1) Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

2) Year 3 and Year 4

3) Year 5 and year 6

Please make sure they are clear to read – for any children where their writing is hard to read, a photo of the poem with a script written by an adult to make clear what has been written or a video of the child/ren saying their poem out loud can be used.  The children or parent/ carer/ teacher will need to sign it with the child’s name (first only), year group and school so that we know which category to include them in. The schools and winners will be asked for permission before posting any information about them on social media/website.

Teachers: you should have now received the rest of your Bounce Forward Resources from your Daily Mile Local Co-ordinator.  All schools who reach this point (or who have 10+ pupils taking part at home) will be entered into the prize draw.

Parents/ Carers:  All children who reach this point prior to May 28th 2021 (as logged on Playwaze) will be entered into a prize draw .