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Twice as Many People with Long Term Health Conditions are Inactive Across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

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Living Sport, is supporting a new campaign to help people with long-term health conditions to be more active. 15 leading health and social care charities have come together for the first time to launch We Are Undefeatable, a campaign which aims to help people with long-term health conditions build physical activity into their lives, in a way that their condition allows, and to celebrate every victory big or small.

With expertise, insight and significant National Lottery funding from Sport England, the campaign is part of the sports council’s long-term drive to change cultural and social norms around long-term health conditions and physical activity, helping more people get active in a way that’s right for them.

Around half of people in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough have at least one self-reported long-term health condition (source) and are twice as likely to be leading an inactive lifestyle as those living without one. However, being active can contribute towards the management of over 20 health conditions such as depression and type-2 diabetes. It can also reduce the risk of developing some conditions by up to 40% and can delay the onset of and reduce the severity of many.

One of Living Sports priorities is to increase participation of people living with long term health conditions leading to a more active and healthier County. Across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough 20% of individuals are inactive, however individuals living with a long term condition are twice as likely to be inactive with 39% currently inactive.

Simon Fairhall, Living Sport CEO said “’This Girl Can’ from Sport England proved the effectiveness of promoting participation in sport and physical activity through campaigns and with engaging those with Long Term Health Conditions one of our strategic priorities we are delighted to be supporting the ‘We Are Undefeatable’ campaign and look forward to developing our work on the local level through the Lets Get Moving Cambridgeshire programme, with the health charities and other health partners”

Cambridgeshire County Councillor Peter Hudson, Chairman of the Health Committee said: “Our Let’s get Moving programme fully supports the ‘We are Undefeatable’ campaign and the great work that Living Sport is doing across Cambridgeshire. Long term health conditions can present real barriers for those people participating in physical activities and I’m delighted to hear that this campaign is encouraging them to improve their health and wellbeing.”

Through the Let’s Get Moving Cambridgeshire programme, a collaborative physical activity programme funded by Cambridgeshire County Council Health Committee with representation of each of the district and city council’s, there is the resource to support individuals to make that step to a more active you. This is achieved by signposting people to local activities, creating more opportunities in areas of need and supporting individuals where help is needed. Support can be accessed through the dedicated website www.letsgetmovingcambridgeshire.co.uk

One of the people that has benefited from this programme is Valerie from East Cambridgeshire (Image below) who attended a walking netball session in her local sports centre to try to improve her general fitness following years of musculoskeletal pain. “The main thing is we have good healthy exercise, we interact with others and most important of all – WE HAVE FUN! Since starting, and in line with a diet, I have lost nearly two stone. I feel healthier, I have more energy and I am much suppler, meaning that everyday tasks such as going up stairs, or walking my dogs are so much easier”.

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