If you would like to offer your business, inter-organisation, group, club or school the opportunity to take part in a virtual challenge, Living Sport can help.

Using our Playwaze platform, our virtual challenges will be published on a 'challenge finder,' on the Living Sport website - from here, challenge registrations can be taken and evidence/results submissions can be made.

Challenges can either be personal best, or competitive, individually or in team, groups or by family.

We can host any type of virtual challenge - be it steps, walks, runs. cycles, swims - anything and any combination.

The following are examples of events hosted in our Virtual School Games offer - just to give a flavour:

  • Running streak - set your running time or distance and see how many consecutive days you can run for.
  • Run with family or friends - can you complete a run with family or friends and support and encourage each other to complete an agreed time or distance.
  • How far can you run in a week?
  • Can you run non-stop for 15mins? - or set your own time.
  • Scavenger hunt - how many of these things you can spot on your run?
  • What is the furthest you can run in one go? - set yourself a distance goal
  • How far can you run as a class/school? - set yourself a distance challenge for the week.
  • Beat your time - set a route that you can run or walk and then record your time for completing the route. Run/walk your route every day and see if you can beat your time by the end of the week.
  • Dance challenge

We can share leader boards and set up reward schemes too.

What challenges can you think of?

For more details, please contact: [email protected]