Other Challenge Opportunities:

If you would like to offer your business, inter-organisation, group, club or school the opportunity to take part in a virtual challenge, Living Sport can help.

We can host any type of virtual challenge - be it steps, walks, runs. cycles, swims - anything and any combination.

Benefits of participation:

  • Team cohesion – connecting dispersed team members
  • Tap into their competitive side through the team challenge
  • Meaningful movement through walking, cycling, running and swimming
  • Positive engagement that improves physical and mental health
  • Use as a fundraiser for Living Sport or a Charity of your choice

How does it work?

  • Any number of teams, of any size 5 can exercise on their own or together – walking, running, cycling, or swimming
  • Individuals can use wearables to upload their activities in km, or they can do so manually.
  • We’ll send motivating weekly updates and can also include weekly additional challenges for fabulous spot prizes.

We can share leader boards and set up reward schemes too.

What challenges can you think of?

For more details, please contact: [email protected]